MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships at Simula

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships at Simula

About the programme

The Simula Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowship (PF) programme aims to recruit excellent postdoctoral fellows through the EU’s MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships (PF) funding scheme. We offer high-quality research opportunities under the supervision of experienced Simula researchers with a track record of excellent scientific research. The Simula MSCA PF Programme offers selected candidates an on-site MSCA PF training and information workshop in May 2023, with continued individual support during the proposal preparation. Please email questions to if you do not find the answers on this page.

About Simula

Dedicated to tackling scientific challenges with long-term impact and of genuine importance to real life, Simula is an internationally-leading Norwegian research institution working in the fields of communication systems, cryptography, machine learning, scientific computing and software engineering.

Simula offers an environment that emphasises and promotes basic and applied re­search. Simula’s research groups have been evaluated with the highest score by international expert panels in several national evaluations. Read more about our research units in Norway hereThe eventual affiliation of the candidate will be determined by the affiliation of the potential supervisor.

Areas of Interest and Potential Supervisors

We have 16 EURAXESS calls with a deadline of the 28th of February 2023, each representing a specific research area associated with a specific supervisor (or a supervising team of two researchers):

Communication systems, coding and information theory:


High-performance computing and quantum computing:

Machine learning and applications in software engineering, cybersecurity and medicine:

Scientific computing:

Programme Structure and Timeline

Applications will first be assessed by the potential supervisors. Suitable candidates will be invited to a short digital interview. Candidatures will then be evaluated based on the research idea, the CV and the interview. Following this screening process, the most promising candidates will:

  • Be invited to an internal in-person workshop in Oslo, where they will get grant-writing training, tailored to the specifics of MSCA PF, and have a one-on-one meeting with their proposed supervisor. 
  • Get individual support, both with the administrative and the scientific components of their EU application.
  • When applicable, get follow-up assistance for an eventual resubmission to the next MSCA PF call.


  • 28 February 2023 - Deadline for postdoctoral fellowship candidates to apply to the Simula MSCA PF programme
  • April 2023 - Online interviews and selection of candidates for the Simula PF programme
  • 3rd & 4th May 2023 - On-site workshop at Simula in Oslo
  • May-September 2023 - Simula support during grant preparation for selected candidates
  • 13 September 2023 - Deadline for selected candidates to apply to the EU’s MSCA PF call
  • Mid-February 2024 - Notification of results by the European Commission
  • From April 2024 - Start of the fellowship for successful applicants

How to Apply to the Simula MSCA PF Programme

All available projects are listed above. Please select the supervisor who is most relevant to your research area of interest, and submit your application to the Simula MSCA PF Programme by emailing no later than 28th February 2023

Applications must include: (a) a sketch of your research idea (maximum 2 pages) and (b) a CV (maximum 4 pages) by 28th February 2023. Suitable candidates (based on the opinion of the potential supervisor) will be invited to a short digital interview. Candidates will be screened for suitability based on the sketch, the CV and the interview.


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