AuthorsI. Strümke, S. Hicks, V. Thambawita, D. Jha, S. Parasa, M. Riegler and P. Halvorsen
EditorsN. Lidströmer and H. Ashrafian
TitleArtificial Intelligence in Gastroenterology
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Machine Learning
Project(s)Department of Holistic Systems
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2021
Book TitleArtificial Intelligence in Medicine
Pagination1 - 20
Date Published09/2021
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Place PublishedCham
ISBN Number978-3-030-58080-3
KeywordsAnomaly detection, artificial intelligence, Gastrointestinal endoscopy, Hand-crafted features, Neural Networks, Performance, Semantic segmentation

The holy grail in endoscopy examinations has for a long time been assisted diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recent developments in computer hardware are now enabling technology to equip clinicians with promising tools for computer-assisted diagnosis (CAD) systems. However, creating viable models or architectures, training them, and assessing their ability to diagnose at a human level, are complicated tasks. This is currently an active area of research, and many promising methods have been proposed. In this chapter, we give an overview of the topic. This includes a description of current medical challenges followed by a description of the most commonly used methods in the field. We also present example results from research targeting some of these challenges, and a discussion on open issues and ongoing work is provided. Hopefully, this will inspire and enable readers to future develop CAD systems for gastroenterology.


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