AuthorsS. Reinemo, W. L. Guay, B. Bogdanski, O. Lysne and T. Skeie
TitleVFtree - a Fat-Tree Routing Algorithm Using Virtual Lanes to Alleviate Congestion
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Publication TypeTalks, contributed
Year of Publication2011
Location of TalkInvited talk at the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Workshop 2011, Lugano, Switzerland.

A large number of clusters using InfiniBand is based on fat-tree topologies that can be routed deadlock-free using only one virtual lane. Consequently, all the remaining virtual lanes are left unused. In this talk we present an enhancement to the fat-tree algorithm that utilizes virtual lanes to improve performance when hot-spots are present. In a congested environment, results show that we are able to achieve throughput increases up to 38% on a small cluster and from 221% to 757% depending on the hot-spot scenario for a 648-port simulated cluster.

Citation KeySimula.simula.824