Operating in Norway, Simula is organised as a group of legal units. Each legal entity has a board of directors and dedicated leadership that is part of the management group. Find organisation details, from the unit ownership to key leaders, as well as a description of the Simula Group here.

The Simula Group

Simula is comprised of 6 units that specialise in Simula's core activities: three research units, two innovation units and one educational unit. Five of these units are legal entities (denoted "AS" below) with an independent board of directors; the education unit is organised are part of the parent company (SRL).

The Simula Group is led by Dr. Lillian Røstad, managing director of Simula.

Research units

Simula Research Laboratory AS (SRL)

Managing Director: Lillian Røstad
Ownership: 100% Ministry of Research and Education
Org. no.: 984 648 855

SRL is the parent company of the Simula Group. Research at SRL is focused primarily on scientific computing and software engineering. SRL also hosts the Simula Academy, as well as the majority of the group's administration and central leadership.

Simula Metropolitan Centre for Digital Engineering AS

Director: Olav Lysne
Ownership: 51% SRL, 49% OsloMet

Org. no.: 920 203 612

Research at SimulaMet is focused primarily on communication systems and machine intelligence.

Simula UiB AS

Director of Simula UiB: Carlos Cid
Ownership: 51% SRL, 49% UiB
Org. no.: 916 893 957

Research at Simula UiB is focused on cryptography. 

Innovation units

Simula Innovation AS (SI)

Director: Ottar Hovind
Ownership: 100% SRL

Org. no.: 986 921 850

SI supports entrepreneurs during the start-up phase and manages Simula’s investment portfolio.

Simula Consulting AS

Director: Holger Hussmann
Ownership: 100% SI

Org. no.: 823 976 852

Simula Consulting provides high-quality R&D consulting services in the core competence areas of Simula.

Education unit

Simula Academy

Director: Rachel Thomas
(Organised as a unit in SRL

Simula Academy organises researcher training and professional development for Simula.

Plans & reports


Simula reference documents, including the gender equality plan (GEP), company strategy, evaluations and the current annual report.

Annual Reports

An archive of all Simula annual reports through the years.

Transparency act

The transparency act.

Code of Ethics

Covers research ethics, social responsibility, conflicts of interest, gifts, confidentiality, and the working environment.

Articles of Association

The Simula Articles of Association (vedtekter). Available in Norwegian.

Joint Integrity Committee

Information about the joint integrity committee.

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