Simula UiB

Simula UiB focuses on cryptography, computer security, and information theory. The company is supported by Simula and The University of Bergen (UiB) and stationed at the Department of Informatics, UiB. Professor Kjell Jørgen Hole heads the company, and its board is compiled of representatives from Simula and UiB. The group originates from the Selmer Centre at the Department of  Informatics. The Selmer Centre has focused on coding theory and cryptography for several decades with excellent results. The center has achieved the highest grade possible at the Norwegian Research Council’s last two evaluations of all national informatics groups.

A brief overview of activities

Norway is becoming increasingly dependent on large ICT systems within sectors such as healthcare, communication, and payment services. Norway must ensure that national ICT systems are robust, in terms of protection from both accidental error and malicious intent. The Department of Security performs fundamental research within the fields of cryptography and information theory and more applied research within computer security to increase the robustness of large ICT systems. The group develops new methods to evaluate cryptographic algorithms, limit consequences of attacks on national ICT systems, and to improve the transmission of information across large communication networks.

Long-term goals

The department’s long-term goal is to build a team of experts who can evaluate the robustness of national ICT systems and suggest improvements.  This expertise is developed in cooperation with owners of large ICT systems. The group is especially interested in evaluating the robustness of payment and telecommunication systems and has already assessed several such systems in Norway.

The company supports Simula’s focus on entrepreneurial activity and contributes to the development of new security products through the evaluation of prototypes and improvement suggestions.

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